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Pictures from the Sea Shell Stage concert in August. Great turn out just like the America On Tap Beer Festivals in Portland ME at the Cross Arena and in Eliot, ME - we had a blast - love those concerts!

Next concert: Acton Fair - 8/25/16 -


On Tap Band members have been entertaining people for years in Maine and New Hampshire. Their musical variety includes popular favorites dating back to the Beatles and going forward to Adele & Neon Trees - providing a mix that creates a great time, with lots of dancing.

Find our next event, come out to see us and you’ll hear why we get rave reviews. You definitely will have fun and we’d love to make your party, event or club a smash hit!

"An incredibly dynamic quartet of rockers with a set list that rivals most mp3 players, they've never missed a note throughout the many hours I've seen them and they have an army of dedicated fans." 105.3 FM "The Shark" radio station - 2014

"The On Tap Band is outstanding! I've never heard such a dynamic set list, guaranteed to satisfy any demographic...sung by 3 great voices that sound terrific individually and magnificent together." 105.3 FM "The Shark" radio station - 2012

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2016 - OTB booked most of the year - before it started! 

We have new venues, great concerts, more weddings and increased bookings at our usual venues - helping fill most of 2016 already.  We appreciate all the people who come to see us at every gig, especially the regulars!  You all make it a great night out for us!  Thanks for your support - see you soon.  OTB

2015 - What a start for OTB! 

Its going to be great year!  A record number of gigs are on the way with Melissa and Bobbi, our lead singers, off and running - winning audiences everywhere.  We love them.  New venues, new locations and further travel;  and we're having a great time.  Please come out and see us soon!

What our audience says..... 

There are 3 common reactions we get from the audience at our gigs: #1 - "We haven't danced in years to live music, but you got us going and did we have fun..."  #2 - "The variety you play is amazing - songs we know and love...." #3 - Lead singers - what voices - you all sound so good together no matter what you cover...

OTB - what a summer! (October 1, 2014) 

The band is coming off a fabulous summer - averaging 8 gigs per month!  We performed to great audiences at 5 outdoor concert shows with the Hampton Seafood Festival being the largest - what a crowd!  We expect a repeat next summer and more concerts.  OTB has already booked their first outdoor concert for summer 2015!

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